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Why Another Vampire Series

I get asked frequently, "Does the world need another vampire series?" My answer is yes. Now let me justify that answer. I have read a bit in most of the vampire series and found they are fairly formulaic, sticking to the basic tenets created by Bram Stoker over a hundred years ago. So I thought so what if they are just people like you and I? They have special abilities and dietary requirements just like everyone else. Well not exactly like everyone else but you get the picture. My vampires are not creatures of darkness as a race. They are a minority that faces death if they are discovered. They have special abilities such as faster than normal reflexes, super strength and endurance, and a knack. Now I wouldn't pit them against Superman, the Flash, or even Spiderman, but against a regular human they are pretty tough. They are enhanced humans, they aren't dead or undead. They require blood to survive and have their own culture.

This culture is like any other culture you have factions and rogue elements. You have the good guys and the bad guys. The thing is, you do not know who they are. Your best friend could be a vampire and you would never know it. They intermix with humans and as a rule do not consider humans as "food" but of course you do have those elements that see humans as sheep and themselves as wolves. So as you can see these are not your average vampire books. There are not things like sparkly skin or magic items when in the sun, though they tend to have light sensitivity and usually wear dark sunglasses because of their great night vision. Strong scents affect them because of their enhanced sense of smell. The Blood and Steel series is a new take on an old theme. Tell em what you think.

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