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Why do you think someone wants to steal your book?

Sorry it has been a while since my last blog post. My intense writing schedule has me busy doing other things. I saw a post on a friend's website (who also happens to be my editor and she is the best She sees this come up occasionally and so do I so I thought I would address it as an experienced writer. No one wants to steal our book or book ideas, especially an editor. Editors make money by editing a writer's work. Why would they want to steal it? It is counter intuitive to think they would shoot themselves in the professional foot by stealing a writer's work. Even if you are the next great thing, they would have to take the book, edit it for content and grammar, then they would have to market the book and put all this work into it. It is not worth it to them. For the level of editing they would have to do to publish the book they would make more doing the edit. Because if they ever stole a book they would NEVER get another editing job. Plus most editors are professionals and would not do such an unethical thing. So the next time someone says "I heard and author sent their book to an editor and they stole it" Do a little fact checking and help dispel these urban myths. And if you ever had an editor steal your work, let me know at

Happy Reading

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Lynda Dietz
Lynda Dietz
Feb 27, 2019

Thanks for the mention, J.T., and for reiterating the truth: no one in their right mind would steal someone's book, because it would be the last time they'd ever work in the publishing business. I don't think people really think it through when they're passing along the urban legends. Once again, people let their fears guide their actions, and no one points out the illogical nature behind those fears.

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